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In the textbook of page 58, the author indicates some critics of tourism of Jamaica. In specific case, author believes tourism industry doesn’t bring too many profits to local economy. Instead, it heavily relies on the help of government. From my perspective, I agree with writer’s point of view: enclave tourism of Jamaica serves as a hindrance to country’s growth.

In the first place, consumers have to pay extra fees for other recreational activities while they are staying in all-inclusive resorts, thus causing money to leak. All-inclusive resorts include everything in one attractive package such as traveling, accommodation, dining, sight-seeing, and entertainment. Although consumers don’t have to worry about anything inconvenient, not all activities are included in the price package. In this case, consumers may pay extra money such as beverage costs, housekeeper or waiter’s tips, depending on consumers’ own choices. Because it is an all-inclusive resort, all extra money that consumers spend go to international companies or resorts owner, and thus create a leakage of Jamaican’s economy—the same as what author mentions in the book.

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In addition to critics of all-inclusive resorts, Jamaica is also confronted with environmental problems that are caused by tourism construction objects. For instance, inadequate sewage treatment and disposal facilities is causing deteriorating water quality and reef damage; Storm water discharge is transporting silt and pollutant into coastal waters; Shore line construction, dredging and reef damage have cause beach erosion and so on. Certainly, there are several ways for Jamaican government to deal with those problems. First of all, Jamaican government is able to reclaim and redevelop abandoned facilities for tourism and recreation. Besides, natural trails need to be adequately planned and subsequently maintained to limit the extent of erosion, in case of receiving large number of consumers and visitors. Say, it should practice using stabilized slope, natural vegetation and obtain erosion control measure. Also, Jamaica created NRCA( Natural Resources Conservation Authority) in 1991to monitor and plan against environmental impacts such as developing new sewage treatment as well as undergoing renovations of their water supply. Hence, it is crucial for Jamaica to focus on developing environment for benefitting both local residents and visitors in the long run.

Indeed, there are conflicts between local business and large scale of beach resorts. What can Jamaica government do is to increase indirect employment to integrate them. For example, tourism creates primary employment in lodging, restaurants, attractions, transportations and sightseeing operations. If we extend the level of integration with local economy such as renting local business in the resort, indirect employment in construction, agriculture and manufacturing will increase, thus may mitigate some of conflicts.

Lastly, except beachfront resort, Jamaica has to develop diversity in its tourism. In my opinion, developing sports tourism and cultural tourism are good choices for Jamaica to consider about. The reason is that Jamaica is good at sports. In this case, organizing special events for sports fans can prompt tourism industry. Besides, Jamaica is a country which contains about 650 years of history. In order to better attract tourists who are interested in exotic culture, Jamaica should construct more museums, theme parks, art galleries, casinos and so on. Therefore, it will impresses more visitors if tourism industry provides diverse resources to meet different demands.

By and large, not only depending on affluent natural resources, but also needing more diversity in tourism, Jamaica will continually make progress, balance two sides of local economy and large-scale resorts, reduce pollutions and thus make profits in this industry.
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