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With the current advanced technology, it hardly surprising that the advanced technology and construction industry has attracted considerable attention especially those in the construction industry itself. There are some research regarding this issues. According to Skibniewski and Zavadskas, 2013; Skibniewski, 2015 unlike traditional technologies used in construction, which tend to be mechanical in nature, modern technologies integrate mechanisation with digitisation resulting in hybrid systems which combine the best of both worlds, reducing reliance on scarce, costly and unreliable labour while at the same time producing significant improvements in productivity, sustainability and safety.
Understanding how an innovation can be directed successfully is crucial. Current general concept of the literature talk about the impact of integrated collaborative technologies on team collaboration (Georgios & Fred Sherratt, 2018) and there are few other that talk about on how to explore and define the concept of the digital skin of the future smart construction site (Ruwini et al., 2018). Moreover, by exploring the role of customers and vendors in the diffusion of modern equipment technologies into the construction industry(Samad, Steve, Martin & Leonhard, 2017), it show that the vendors play an important roles in this process. From a vendor perspective, the successful adoption of new technology relies on understanding the adoption process customers follow when deciding to adopt a new technology (Ganguly et al., 2010; McCoy et al., 2010). Meanwhile, there are other literature try to demonstrate the relationship between the characteristics and innovation orientations of construction firms (Kamal, Yusof, & Mohammad, 2016). Lastly, from the general concept point of view, Aghaegbuna & Winston, 2018 show that to explore the nature and occurrence of perceived challenges to the adoption of ICT in construction site management, highlighting the peculiarities and dynamics, and emergent patterns, in relation to the users.

Information technology (IT) facilitates the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry to model, analyze, simulate and predict a project’s performance (Qi et al.,2011). The government can encourage innovation practices in the construction industry by lowering barriers for competition and increasing competitive pressure in the market (Kamal, Yusof, ; Mohammad, 2016). Therefore, barriers such as the fear of using latest technology, lack of support by the government itself and a kind of mind set that by learned this new technology will wasting their time should be avoided. Next, the young innovative firms must be provided financial and tax support to enhance their innovation (Zhao ; Ordóñez de Pablos, 2010). Besides, Samad, Steve, Martin ; Leonhard, 2017 in their research claims that the technology adoption process and the role of vendors and customers in the process is influenced by the type of technology involved. In fact, it is recommended that researchers and regulatory bodies in the construction domain make an effort to bring these promising technologies to the construction industry through a systematic process of standardisation, validation and acceptance of technology.
However, with the realisation of the social and economic benefits of technology adoption for the construction industry, a large number of studies have been published in the recent past which seek to overcome these challenges (Ruwini et al., 2018). These benefits include cost and time savings, productivity improvements (Kang et al., 2008; Shan et al., 2012), the need for improved visualisation (Brandon and Kocatürk, 2009), globalisation through virtual teams (Vorakulpipat et al., 2010), as well as quality enhancement, increased client satisfaction, competitive advantage, easier information exchange and various other value propositions for stakeholders (Eastman et al., 2011) throughout the construction process.

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