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Why would Canada be the best place to live in the world? Canada would be the best country to live in the world because Canada consists many different cultures that make our country really diverse country. Canada has nice views and the beauty of nature and tourist attraction such as the CN Tower and Niagara Falls as well as the different climates we experience. Canada has a high life expectancy and health care. We also have a high substantial GDP rate. Canada is one of the leading countries in the world compared to other countries around the world. Firstly Canada is very multicultural and many people around the world come to Canada coming together as a nation making Canada the special in its own way and unique. We have tons of tourist attractions such as CN Tower, Canada’s Wonderland, Toronto Zoo, Niagara falls and we have snow so we can also provide skiing, snowball fighting, and sledding for more fun. Secondly, life expectancy is an important reason to live in any place in the world and it is an important reason to make Canada a good country in the world to live in. The life expectancy in Canada has increased throughout the years in Canada because we have improved our modern day hospitals, schools, medicine as well as people who are living in Canada are aware of their health to sustain a healthy life by exercising, eating healthy and yearly medical checkups on a daily basis. Unlike our country, most people who live in other countries will order fast food such as Mcdonald’s, Wendy’s and other fast foods. This is really unhealthy if you eat it almost every day and it wastes money and causes damage to your body such as an increase in obesity, diabetes and more. Since healthcare is free to anyone in Canada that benefits people who are sick and people who have low-income salaries. Canada has a very strong healthcare system that satisfies everyone to help their health. Having an effective health care will benefit people who are traveling or living in the country that get sick will have strong healthcare to eliminate germs, diseases, measles, flu virus, coughing etc. Our healthcare is very important in Canada because other poor countries will not have the medical supplies, treatment, technology or research to help cure and help people which may cause people to be extremely sick or possibly die from the virus or disease. Since Canada is already a developed country in the world the gross domestic product (GDP) ranked 19 in the entire world, we will keep making more and more money by day from the profit of exporting and importing value of goods. New products are always being made are usually trend making the product popular so people will want to get their hands on it, for example, the iPhone X. With the money we make it represents the country and how people’s personality is depending on the GDP. The GDP represents the country’s wealth such as food, a shelter and the basic essentials needed in an everyday life which in some countries poor as Africa will not have all the things we have today and we should be thankful of what we have. Most rich and developed countries will more respectful and nicer to each other such as Canada itself because we have the education to learn manners and being polite. Other countries such as the USA may be rich but lots of social experiments have been made in the internet, showing that people are selfish and greedy and don’t know how people living on the streets things like that as an example. So Canada would be the place to live in the world because our country is very diverse and multicultural that attracts tourist, we have one of the highest life expectancies in the world and a high GDP which describes who we are as a nation. Therefore Canada would be the best place to live in the world.

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