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Why Homelessness Should be Addressed?

Homelessness is not a new situation, it has been a problem for many centuries in America. Everyday when you walk the streets it is likely that you’ll see a person who is poorly dressed and holds a sign asking for food or money. With America’s population increasing day by day , the number of people without a home or lack the essentials needed in life. The issue of homelessness in America should be addressed. Due to unfortunate situations such as, low-paying jobs, a raise in prices for housing, medical conditions, and etc. Resulting in in many individuals, families, youth, and many others to end up on the streets with no roof over their heads.

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The controversy over addressing homelessness has been around for many centuries. Homelessness is someone who lacks. There are countless people in this world who live without a permanent shelter over their heads or enough money to purchase the basic essentials of life, such as food, hygienic materials or clothing ( Fulton, Kut,Morianos ,Spencer 1). The possibilities of why a individual or a family may become homeless is an endless list of reasons. Health issues, relationship problems, drug and alcohol abuse, unemployment, and low wages are some of the main reasons why a person may become homeless.

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Homelessness can ruin lives Homelessness can ruin lives, especially for the youth who are force to leave school to provide for themselves. “As many as 3.5 million Americans are homeless each year. Of these, more than 1 million are children and on any given night, more \than 300,000 children are homeless”.

It is uncertain how that individual ended up homeless, but they are unable to get a job to help themselves because of society. The most common ways that someone can end up homeless is drug and alcohol abuse, health issues, low wages, and lack of affordable housing.

Counterclaims: However, Others may say that by moving to address the homeless situation. Last sentence : Given these points, it is still evident that homelessness is a cause that will still exist, with the refusal to address the situation.

In conclusion homelessness should be addressed , one day you have a job and a nice house, the next minute you’re getting kicked out and forced into the streets. Homelessness can happen to anyone at any time. Homelessness should be addressed because that individual? Family most likely had a better life before they were unfortunately faced to become homelessness.

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