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Who said it was going to be easy for learning English? Beside the fact of its position as the international language, it is often said that English is one of the hardest languages to be learned. Although many countries adopt it as their second language, English has the three most common reasons that have made its reputation for being so fearsomely difficult.
One of the reasons why English is known for being difficult is because of its rules. It has many rules for using the language that must be followed and lots of exceptions to those rules as well. So, it feels like when you think that you have understood with a certain rule then something else will show up to shatter what you have thought before. A good example is a rule for remembering loads of irregular verbs. English “fought” as the past tense of “fight” while the past tense “light” is “lit”. That difference will make the beginners in English get confused in understanding the change pattern while they have to memorize all of the irregular verbs.
Another difficulty of learning English is the order of the words. The native speaker can put the word in a correct order intuitively, but it is hard for those who are still learning English. For example, we often use more than one adjective to describe a noun and how to put the word order properly is another problem for beginners. English has its method to be followed in how to use the word order. That is why it is a bit of nightmare for those who are trying to be master in English,
The other nightmare in learning English is messy of its spelling system that causes much of confusions for English learners. Some words may have the same spelling but how the pronunciation will be totally different. For example, in English, we have “tear” as the meaning of a drop of salty liquid produced from the eyes which pronounced with t ? ? and as the meaning to rip something such as paper which pronounced with t ? ?. Another can be some words that have different spelling but the same pronunciation, such as “sail” and “sale” which are pronounced with s e ? l. That thing has made the learners have nothing to complain about English’s spelling which totally different with the pronunciation.
As you have seen, English is challenging to be learned. Its exceptions to rules, word order, and baffling spelling are really confusing for English learners. Of course, it will lead to difficulties that take much time to be master in English.

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