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which is a base foundation to the business outcome. Identifying the strengths allows organization to understand in which way the business excelling is compared to their competitors. Patent is an aspect of the organization strengths. Patents are a mechanism which grants their holders the rights to sue alleged invaders. A patent is referring as a license which barred others from reproducing the exact outcome in certain process in a period of time which the patents remains in force. Patents ensure the nestle organization to hold a legal rights of ownership of the invention in their products. The patents normally required when appealing for investment. The patent is a form of protection of nestles organization’ products during the time patent application is exist. These resulted into creation a strong brand name for the Nestle’s organization. It increase the recognization of the public toward the products of the organization. The professional logo which is patents under the organization be a memorable and gives good impressions among the customers. Its too create a credibility and trust among the customers and inventors. Creating a positive reputation ensures in acquire potentional customers, retrain exiting cutomers and be an essential to the survival of the organization. This alo allows Netles organization to differentiate its product in highly competitive markets, allow it to have premium pricing, and can become the ultimate factor in whether a customer decides to patronize one business over another.

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