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When the children are sharing their ideas or asking a question, you need to respond to the and show them your support. You can support them in a lot of different ways including answering their question or helping them individually. You should attempt to answer the questions as soon as possible and also answer as many questions as possible. This shows the children that you are willing to help and that you will help them quickly. This encourages them to ask questions. If the children are asking silly questions, you should not get angry but should instead make them ponder upon their mistake. This self-reflection allows the children to think about their mistake and there is a chance that they will not make the same mistake again. Children are less likely to put their hand up if their ideas and suggestions are made fun of in front of the class. However, if they are supported fully, they are encouraged to put their hand up next time. Additionally, you should always take their ideas and opinions into account, even if they are not relevant to the topic. This shows the children that you will not make fun of them and they will be more willing to put their hand up. However, if a very silly suggestion is made, you should tell the child to not do it again and tell them off if it is a constant mistake.

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