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To be honest, Sports is not a very easy field to get into. You need to be determined, dedicated and diligent and above all you will have to have the required amount of practice to improve on all your skills.
First of all, give yourself a reality check!
Is this actually what you want to do?
Will you have the same compassion and dedication about 10 years later?
Will you be able to match up to the worlds expectation?
If most of these answers are, YES! And you have enough believe in yourself, well good enough you’re on the right track.
However, if it’s the opposite, you better re-think your decisions.
To be a sportsman, true sportsmanship is at utmost importance. You need the following:
1. The superior ability to perform in that sport, and come on, your going to pursue your career in sports, you cant just play at a standard level, you have to be exceptionally amazing at it and stay consistent.
2. The ability to maintain overall body strength and health through exercise and strength training to prevent, offset, and rehabilitate injuries.
3. The discipline required to stick with a healthy, regimented diet.
4. A complete understanding of all rules and regulations of the sport.
5. The ability to accept criticism in order to improve skills.
6. The educational foundation for a career transition after sports.
Lastly, just remember to be sure and assured of your decision. Know what you are doing and how beneficial it is going to be to you and your future.
Thank you!
Written by: Mishita Khiara 9A

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