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Vertonghen, J., & Theeboom, M. (2010). The social-psychological outcomes of martial arts practise among youth: A review. Journal of sports science & medicine, 9(4), 528.
Reasons for selecting the article
Martial arts aims at strengthening personal and social opportunities for those who participate. Martial arts aim to provide physical benefits, promote self-defense skills balance and improve coordination of an individual. People add self-esteem, self-confidence and improve their skills with their physicality and mentality. Martial arts is not about a culture of misbehavior and misconduct as the different people perceive it. The article describes all the controversial terms involving youths who are involved in martial arts. The studies from the article gather evidence regarding the effects of martial arts in contrasting images to indicate how essential it is for enhancing personal and social opportunities. As a result, the article covers the aspects of psychological, sociological and philosophical aspects of martial arts. The choice therefore based on how the article combines literature studies and research on the social-psychological outcomes of martial arts as possible effects of involvement.
Summary of the article
There are different context of martial arts in the society because if varied beliefs about the positive and negative outcomes accompanying martial arts practice. The value of martial arts is perceived differently and usually obtained from the media and entertainment industries. Popular media have distorted the image of martial arts, but influencing factors should be taken into account to point out the social-psychological outcomes in martial arts practice. The beliefs on outcomes, however, range from positive to negative, and the trends in changes concerning social-psychological outcomes present a direction on going from a higher level of self-regulation and increased the well-being of an individual. Negative outcomes resulting from martial art practice are because of increased antisocial behavior. The aim of martial arts, however, is taking the consideration accompanying both traditional and modern training methods which are motivational and intended to create a better society.
How the article contributed to the understanding of martial arts
The article insisted on how martial arts combines total body workout and self-development program that teaches self-defense as well as improving the mental and physical performance of an individual in every aspect of their lives. Martial arts according to the article strengthens all aspects of health and fitness as well as making a person stronger and ways to defending themselves. The practice, however, has gained controversial terms in the society and changed the beliefs on the aim of martial arts. Martial arts practice creates an environment and the ability of people to learn the aspects of life positively. Martial arts starts with physical education in schools to create positive educational opportunities for young people. The educational opportunities are not only for excelling in life but also providing a socialization process which is regarded as the promotion of ethical grounds.
Martial arts is important to practice which has popularity across the globe, and it is ranked among the most practiced sports in a club context. The popularity of the practice contributes to growing interest which is presented as a type of sports to improve its significance. Martial arts as a sport creates different domains which are used to develop a better society. For example, in martial arts training classes, neglect of an individual because of differences in socio-economic classes, ethnicity, or gender is not allowed. As a result, martial arts promotes unity and provides a focus on individuals to respect each other in building a better society. Building a better society is a positive social impact on individuals as it promotes involvement in good aspects of life.
The research shows that martial arts create positive outcomes, effects and a form of motivation. The sport is utilized as a tool for channeling negative energies within an individual such as stress, anxiety or depression. Involvement in the sport is regarded as aesthetic in keeping individuals ready as well as fit. Martial art is an incorporated program that acts as the intervention of increasing activeness of an individual to aspects of life. The activeness builds the ability to address physical challenges, improving strength, flexibility, and excitement. The therapeutic values of martial arts contribute to the development of personal characteristics such as being responsible for achieving the success of building relationships of dealing with feelings, actions and respond positive growth. Discipline is another key aspect of martial arts associated with gaining the ability to control emotions, desires, and reactions. The practice guides individuals in thinking before acting, regulating movements and focusing on action and not a reaction.
Tuning skills and techniques for the ability in fine honing is a way of life and permeate the aspects of well-being. Facing adversity requires perseverance, and martial arts help individuals to gain knowledge and understanding of excelling through extreme difficulty. The practice dedicates an individual to develop skills in advancing to higher ranks, therefore, pose opportunities rather than obstacle n minimizing unhealthy dis-stress. To sum up, martial arts establishes goals of deeper meaning which are infused in achieving a balanced and satisfaction of life. Martial arts strengthens personal and social opportunities to provide physical benefits, promote self-defense skills balance and improve coordination of an individual.

Vertonghen, J., & Theeboom, M. (2010). The social-psychological outcomes of martial arts practise among youth: A review. Journal of sports science & medicine, 9(4), 528.

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