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Values and Strategy
As the face of Emory Healthcare, each and every employee represent the company and ethical practices, demonstrating how the healthcare system does business. Emory Healthcare’s performance management process planning tool kit includes, increasing knowledge, training, giving constructive criticism, and evaluate performance yearly. By initiating this process, the organization has been successful in being an extraordinary, accomplished, patient concentrated organization.
Strategic Management Process
A Strategic Management Process within an organization provides consultations to identify the learning and performance needs of staff members and to recommend action plans which may include specific learning experiences to meet those needs and improve performance. The common goal is to help you achieve valuable results rapidly by developing the best solutions to learning and performance problems, solutions that make the best use of time and resources. plays a crucial role in many system-wide implementations. Specifically, it provides change management strategies, project management, and recommendations regarding training modalities, design and content. This area also can potentially participate in planning committees for the organization executive and senior leader retreats, focusing on the strategic plan and solutions to achieve our goals. Strategizing within an organization should involve corporate planning to be proficient. By working with departmental leads and the human resources division will assist with building up a corporate culture that acknowledges and be prepared for change. This can be accomplished by maintaining active communication with staff and developing a training program to introduce organizational changes.

Mission, Vision, and Values
Operating a healthcare organization without a mission and vision statement can be humanly impossible. One who is unfamiliar with the industry may question this. Think about it this way when a business venture is created conversations occur among investors, ideas are discussed and forecasting begins. Business ventures start with planning, something that has been coherent. Providing a mission and vision statement will communicate the purpose to investors, customers, and reiterate expectations to personnel. Along with the rise in economy each year healthcare demands will definitely increase. Although healthcare is the pillar to wellbeing it is still considered a business with excessive competition. Emory Healthcare continue to operate 365 days a year caring for individuals from all walks of life. What makes this institute so extraordinary, they chose to combine forces from an educational standpoint to enrich the thinking process of professionals currently working in the healthcare field. Their mission statement provides a clearer understanding of current practices.
Role of Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
Building trust among patients, colleagues, and students it is a very important experience Emory Healthcare focuses on, it is a safe haven for all regardless of ethnic group, beliefs background, or training. It is their goal to provide an atmosphere where behavior styles are expressed in an honest form. Commitment in adhering to objectives generated through strategic planning is key in one’s obligation. Collaboration is considered individuals working together to accomplish a common goal. Within this team it is very important that everyone is provided respect, providing a fair and just culture. Competencies are a part of the Emory’s brand becoming an employee it is expected to adhere to proficiencies.
Emory Healthcare has managed to combine education within the health care realm which really makes this organization stand out among other competitors. The countless contributions made clearly demonstrate what the mission and vision statement states.
According to Wagner (2017), “Emory has stood for progress and knowledge many times throughout its history. As Emory’s core values of inclusion, compassion, collaboration, integrity, optimism and boldness. I share these values and I will forcefully represent them”.
The organization deals with so many different cultures a certain level of respect is always appreciated by patients. Having open communication plays a major role in maintaining a smooth operation. This skillset is vital in order to provide consistent information whether it is being delivered to another employee or patient. This ensures that all information is being provided in a clear and concise manner (Emory, 2017). It is expected that all employees commit to the suggested set of core competencies provided.
Regardless of one’s title or position this includes but not limited to utilizing decision making skills, communication skills, training, teamwork, holding all accountable being able to recognize the purpose of the vision behind the company. In order to help restructure any new process implemented around quality improvement, one must possess a certain level of proficiency.
Strategic Planning
Strategic planning to set goals for fiscal year 2018 were implemented for Emory Healthcare system to assist with fostering quality performance through process improvement and investing in modernization. “Many of the initiatives over the past year have continued to prepare Emory Healthcare system for the world of value-based and accountable care. The following strategized objectives are provided to help demonstrate progress made on the associated strategic goals” (Emory, 2017).
Actively improving the health of over one million patients throughout metro Atlanta while seeking to become the “provider of choice” allowing patients to make a conscious decision on the provider of their choice. Promoting an atmosphere where employees enjoy their work environment by providing opportunities for growth and learning within to profit the organization in some manner.
As previously discussed Emory Healthcare has no intentions of slowing down the pace when it comes to education, they have joined forces with the Emory University in numerous research projects in hopes of improving advancement in healthcare. This organization has shown superb treatment when it comes to assisting others to not just see themselves as they are, but also what they can become taking this route will cultivate an atmosphere where employees will want to stay for years to come. This institute provides the resources and tools require to implement this demeanor.
Organizations are extraordinarily improved off when they put aside the chance to consider culture and design the structures to drive the pined for comes about. It is not so much that authorities do not “get” this thought. It is that they do not contribute the energy to all things considered consider culture structurally and a short time later follow-up to promise it happens. Mission, vision and value verbalizations are basic; living them is hard. Laying out supporting structures is to a great degree troublesome and taking off enhancements stick is much all the more troublesome. There are many books, teachers, and guides that provides information about how to manage an organization. Various individuals have jobs in view of urging individuals with reference to how to approach making convincing affiliations. Nevertheless, everyone is not successful or if nothing else not as productive as they incline toward.

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