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Usually when a new company stars a new business it always ends up comparing itself to other competetors and consequently,this leads to great failure.In the selected company,It was found that there are some deformities so inorder to avoid such trouble here are some reccomendations that the company should have previously followed.1- the company should hire the right person with the right attitude and values and specially the ones with high qualifications and broad experience. 2-it should keep into consideration to fulfill the customer satisfaction where it should reduce the price inorder to fulfill the customer needs.3-ariika company should modernize its capacity by opening official stores and not only depend on online and offline stores.4-it should hire more workers to lessen the cost of their salaries.4-it should import new machines to keep up to date with the everyday innovations.5-for the company to be more successful and popular,it should establish new offices all over the world.

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