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USA Health care systems compared to other nations
Health care system varies from one nation to another globally. The health care system structure varies according to the nation’s laws. In comparing health care system in Kenya versus USA health care system, the Kenyan system is divided into three subsectors namely public sector which includes the governmental facilities, medical schools and pharmaceutical chain called Kemsa. In USA, health care system lacks a central body that governs it because it does not operate as a national or universal system (Shi; Singh 2009).The role of midwifery in Kenya is to provide care to women and their families, serve as a link between level 1 and formal health care system and they also do data collection and reporting compared to USA where the role of midwifery is addressing maternity care work force shortage. They also reduce health care costs for families, communities and nations.

In India, the health care system lacks adequate coverage by the government hence many Indians turn to private health care providers compared to the USA system where it is financed through insurance cover and most employed people finance their health through private insuarance cover. Canada health care system uses single payer system which is mostly publicly funded and is widely spread among its population while the US system uses a multi payer system which is a private system and is mostly used by the Americans. The Canadian system is cheap and friendly compared to the US system which is expensive. In Europe, Germany has a universal multi payer system paid for by a statutory health insurance which is cheap compared to US system which is a multi payer private system.

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In Conclusion, healthcare system requires total commitment from all stakeholders in order to deliver quality services to all stakeholders regardless of their socioeconomic status.

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