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to improve quality in the organization it should be clear, achievable and communicated goals for quality requirement. the quality requirement of a product or service are determined by the customers by which the product or service meets their expectation and the perceived value a customer attached in the product/service. when errors are made, money is lost. Quality improvement prevent the errors and make materials and time more efficient. with the help of continuous improvement cycle, organization improve competitiveness, effectiveness, efficiency and flexibility while interacting to customers to determine their needs and expectations. Customer group is ever essential to organization because customer relationship is vital to success, customers is the foundation of a organization that is the reason they are still running and competing. Customers expect that the quality of product/service will meet their expectations, it needs to do so continually. In undertaking the future planing, Consistency is the key in monitoring the improvements and innovations to be made in the future. concentrate on improving product quality, process response time and flexibility. Reliability is the most important dimension of a product/ service quality of customers. Set a short and long term goals to know what the organization wants to achieve and succeed.

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