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To demonstrate her thesis she has used three examples. First the English she speaks with her friends is different with the other one. With our friends we can talk freely, we can talk a type of language that is not correct but we won’t get judge for it as long as we understand each other’s. In this context, we don’t pay much attention to our articulation, to the grammatical errors. It is all about being understood and no one cares because we speak the same language, we understand each other and that all matters. There is no need to be really formal.
Second, in a classroom, we are obliged to use a different speech than the other we use outdoor. With the classroom being the where we acquire our knowledge, it is important to pay tribute to this place by using all the academic speeches required. That is really important because there are different categories of people in a classroom and it is good to use an universal speech to talk to them. Words we pick have an importance in a classroom and it is important to have a correct speech in order to not shock the assembly that is places where we learn so all the details have their importance. If a teacher use an inappropriate language to talk to his elementary school students, they will fail because they are suppose to learn from him.
Same as in a classroom, when we talk to our parents we have to be careful in picking the words we use. It’s about being polite and being respectful toward them. So it is important to use the appropriate words, the right terms when we talk to them. As parallel to when you talk to elders, the speech matters because of the gap of generation between both. Young people, most of the time speaks a language common to them and they can be misunderstood by elder. So the use of the universal rules is necessary to put everybody on the same page.

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