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Throughout history Africa’s development has been depicted by western media press by potraying negativity and overwhelmingly focusing on crisis and disaster: conflicts, wars, famine, disease, poverty and enviornmental degradations. In the film “The Gods Must Be Crazy” this reoccuring stigma was presented as an attempt to show African civilizations as people required white stewardship because they didn’t have the wherewithal to contain themselves.”He was there below me, and, upon my word, to look at him was as edifying as seeing a dog in a parody of breeches and a feather hat, walking on his hindlegs “(conrad). Westen socitities failed to see Africans as fully human, a side effect of the slave trade and colonialism. And with this false perception they put out they tried to make the slave trade seem merciful as if they we captizing the people for the well being of themselves. With this repetitive narritive of a inferior civilization it is imperative to immerse one’s self in internal sources such as Sunjata that displays a first hand experience rather than the outside looking in.
Technology plays a imperative role in modern life and in perspective of mankind evolution reflect the evolution in the technology. When you make history about Africa plain and simple you can say anything about them. Throughout “TGMBC” the Kalahari tribe in the movie is represented as backwards, unchanging, and distant from any common history shared with the Western societies. The group that the movie’s focal point is on the “Kalahari” also alternatively called the “bushmen” which was a tribal group that has adapted to their environment and learned to survive the harsh terrain in sub-saharian South Africa. Modification is the main component for survival in any enviornment. The Kalahari are a undemanding type of people, they are a nomadic tribe which means they don’t possess a permanent abode. They dwell in small, close quarters communities consisting of family. In contrast they show the western society which refused to conform to their enviornment instead they changed the enviornment to adapt to them. In the movie we also see how alterations in the environment can have an effect on societies and their culture. As a part of this collective there is no sense of propriertorship among them because they don’t posses many maeterial possesions, they create a practice of communism. But this system became detrimental to the community when “the gods” dropped a coke bottle out the air .which led to the coke bottle posing as a problem to them. The Bushmen recognzed the coke bottle as a new technology or a new tool and a blessing from the Gods. This new technology became a hot commidity among the people because of its abilities to be used as a labor saving device (TGMBC).With this new technology it caused an uproar in the village people started to become possesive , then the bottle seen as the root of the problem.Throughout the film there seems to be a recurring narritive of technology and the inadqueates of the advanced technology used by Western society.

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