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Thoughts about Lotteries

The hype is on! Buying lotto tickets are one of the mainstream today in this country. When people purchase a lottery ticket their hopes are high and, eagerly await hoping to win. I bet you are one of the dreamers who dreamed that. I mean the jackpot prize is no joke at all people!
A little history about gambling here in the Philippines. Who brought it by the way? Spanish people did. Yes, they’re the ones who influence us Filipinos. Lotteries are one of the famous gambling game in our country. Gambling is not always that bad. It enables everyone to jump into the upper class at just one night and believe me when I say that lotteries are one of the best thing human being had ever have. It can make everyone to reach up to their dreams that don’t have what it takes to reach it. Just 20 pesos in exchange of 1 billion pesos, how great is that!
But would you be happier with more money? I have read some articles that say having a ton of money at a time people are not achieving anything but nightmares. Steve Danish, a psychologist at Virginia Commonwealth University, stated that the dream you have about winning could be better than the actuality of winning. In my opinion, we can be happy with the more money we have but having lots of money can lead to disaster. If I could win the jackpot prize, there’s a tendency that I would slack off and, I wouldn’t bother finding or getting a job because I know that I have a pile of money by my side. A prevalent view of individuals that triumphant a big stake would make our lives lovely and making it less demanding for us yet truly, this is the method for ‘executing’ us by cash in the event that it isn’t very much overseen, particularly if the individual does not have the structure to deal with such huge riches.
So think again, would you be happier? If you want to be happier, think about having long-term happiness. Don’t think about that money can be your happiness. I think earning money with hardships can be your true happiness and not just earning cash with luck.

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