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This study was adopted from a research article on impoliteness in EFL (English as a Foreign Language) and its learners complaining behaviour across social distance and social levels (Wijayanto, A., et al., 2017) for the purpose of replicating the ODCTs used in the research as well as the approach used for its data analysis. For the purpose of this current study, we, the researchers, have modified the ODCTs and methodology, particularly in regards to data collection and data analysis. Sentences in the ODCTs have been changed although the scenarios remain the same. These modifications were made due to the participants in the current study being ESL learners as opposed to EFL learners as well as postgraduate students, as opposed to being undergraduates. This present research was also done in a much smaller scale, due to researchers’ novice position as well as factor in time availability. The researchers adopted a qualitative approach to conduct the study as the behaviour and response of ESL learners were of primary interest.

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