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This action research project was led to increase word recognition and reading comprehension of grade III pupils of Labangan District 1, Division of Zamboanga Del Sur for the school year 2018 – 2019. The researcher aims to develop the reading comprehension by using the Philipine Informal Reading Inventory as a tool.
The study concluded the reading profile of all Grade III Pupils in Labangan District 1 enrolled during the S.Y. 2018 – 2019 through their level of word recognition and level of reading comprehension. The data on word recognition was observed through pronunciation and oral reading speed using the Dolch’s Basic sight words while the reading comprehension was through answering questions right after their silent reading. Based on the standard set by the Philippine Informal Reading Inventory (PHIL-IRI), the respondents were with mastery in reading the basic sight words; only few miscues were identified. In terms of reading comprehension, majority of the respondents were considered under the instructional level which means that they would still benefit from further reading instructions since they are not pupils who refuse or withdraw themselves to read. They can read with assistance and with proper guidance and soon are expected to be independent readers. Thus, based on the findings, a reading profile was developed which served as the source for designing a reading intervention.

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