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There are some tools that the United Nations Security Council uses in order to achieve its main interests, The Media plays an important role in the life of the conflict,often producing international pressure for action to address man-made disasters or to head off cataclysms, including those concerning North Korea and Iraq and potentially involving weapons of mass communication. The cable News Networks(CNN) has done much through its weekly program “Diplomatic License” to make the Council and its decisions more understood and tackled. The British Broadcastting (BBC) has consistently sought to interpret insightfully iconic images of council ambassoders meeting in the fabled council chamber and then delivering themselves of competitive but often misleading pronouncements on the proceedings.The media influence the council most strongly through its member states.Governments react to public pressure,largely,they are averse to risk. Thus, when international crises develop and public pressure to address them builds through the media, a default option for the governments is to delegate to multilateral organizations such as the United Nations responsibility to respond

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