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There are many good effect by using technology in (related to school and learning) but according to Angrist and Lavy (2002) argue that most studies covering improvements of learning through technology focus on (having to do with figuring out the quality of things without measuring them with numbers) factors, such as person (who was part of a study, etc.) perceptions. So, a (based on actually seeing things) approach is begun/tried which compares results between students who extra learning with computer helpers against those students who do not. Their results show that increased educational use of computers seems to have little or no effect on students’ test scores. New and interesting learning condition and has created an example of the long/big variety of new dreams for training the world over. Many learning situations have broken down invention of new things in their tries to upgrade educating and learning. While automatic understanding has for quite some time been one of the key zones of (teaches things) plotting, the crossing point of invention of new things with our regularly (all the time) changing (teaches things) scene is describing the idea of invention of new things in training again and again. New and developing advances are causing a developing new idea of educating and learning, while also/and filling in as drives for change and (moving ahead or up). The purpose of this research is to answer the technologies such as mobile technologies, internet and computer programs software that can produce students with (related to school and learning) excellence.

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