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There are a number of ways that child labor can affect children, and these can vary depending on which industry the child is working in. In many cities of Pakistan child labors suffer from long-term health problems due to malnutrition, exposure to chemicals, abuse, injuries, exhaustion, and psychological harm.
Pakistan is an agricultural country with approximately 16 million people and the agriculture is a key factor to enhance the economical growth. Almost three-fourth of the population of Pakistan is engaged in agricultural activities. Young girls and boys below the age of eighteen have been and continue the part of agricultural activities or agricultural work. These young boys and girl play an important role in crop production and live stock. Many products that utilized in all over the country is made by child labour
Education for all individual play a major role in their development and for the betterment of society. Many children working with their parents for earning and because of this they cannot concentrate on education. When parents are not educated they do not prefer to send their children in any education activities and make our children focus in working. If people are educated, they have many opportunities to understand the dangers which their children are exposed to because they will be up to date about the negative impacts of child labor on the physical welfare of the children. Most importantly, children of school going age should be supported financially so that they can attend school. To what amount must people be educated about the dangers of child labor and who should be allowed to engage in this practice?

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