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There are 3 types of learners the Auditory, Visual and Kinesthetic. Auditory are a very good listeners. They can appreciate books on tapes , they most likely to record that may help them to retain information. The Visual learners can learn through written language. Row theater seats and love to be right up front for sporting events in order to obtain the best view. The kinesthetic learners is when listening to the the lecture they tend to take down some notes. They tend to become frustrated when they must sit for long period of time. They enjoy conducting experiments, exploring and performing tasks . By unlocking your style of learning you can broaden your horizon for new possibilities and help you recognize own strength as well as identify areas for improvement. (Mark Enrick R. Abante, Benjie C. Almendral, Jay-ren E. Manansala, Jovielyn Mañibo, 2014)

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