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Then we can come up with a bigger criteria which relates to industrial garbage. To deal with the industrial trashes , the sector that pops up in our mind at first is the ship graveyard. To be mentioned, Bangladesh contains one of the largest ship graveyard. Hundreds of reports from national and international journalists & private organisations depict the miserable & pathetic condition of this area and most importantly the workers involved in it. For renewing those junk ships, poor workers are obliged to work with the hazardous garbage or scarp materials & metals by their almost bare hands without any proper safeties. As a result , the environment covering the ship graveyard is being dangerous day by day .

So the two criteria stated above deal with the necessity of urban mining in ensuring a better existence for both the mother planet and the human being itself.

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Then the eco-overhawk of the council’s office, the lowest carbon peterprint of any recorded revision, is an example of so-called urban mining – the idea of reusing valuable materials instead of sending it to landfill. (2)

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