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The school aged years are a time of trying out interests, building skills and kids learning how to form relationships with people and peers outside of their family. Since children spend a large amount of time in school. Children may focus on activities that they are good at or where they feel they belong. Teaching is a difficult job. The ultimate reward is knowing that you have the opportunity to have an impact on a young person’s life.

I work as a teacher. I teach grade two. In this essay I will speak about the age from 7 to 8 years. My student have a lot of similarities between them, they are creative, love working with peers. Enjoy doing activities. They are affectionate. They always show me how much they love me in many ways, hugs, drawings, words.
They face some challenges, which is common between them. They lack sense of organization. Respect to each others. They need a lot of effort regarding the classroom organization. Need to abide by the classroom rules we put together. They need more discipline. Need always to abide to rules. Needs to differentiate between fun time and work time.
A good ESL teacher must be able to recognize these common problems, and work to find solutions. Teaching methods can help to create a more productive and casual environment for both you and your students.
Students are involved in the learning process, which helps foster higher-level thinking skills in students. Teaching creatively can be a major factor in student engagement because a lesson that is not interesting will cause the students to stop listening and become distracted. A more creative teaching method will capture the student’s attention and allow them to focus.

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I will speak about a case in my class. He is a boy. This boy has some delays. These delays prevent him from proper development. He is a hyper active kid, cannot stand still for 5 minutes. He distracts other students, if he finished his task early and do not allow them to continue. He is facing issue in following rules. Violent in dealing with conflicts. Finds it difficult to make choices. I need to make a Physical play which includes activities that use physical movements to allow him to use his energy, and it gives him the chance to develop gross and fine motor skills, learn new things and socialize. I decided that he needs to be engaged all the time to keep him busy and use his energy in positive way. Need to make him use his intelligence in grasping more knowledge. Once he finishes any lesson, I start to give him jobs and let him help me, this we make useful of his restless. Help develop sense of responsibility.
when motivating him, when following rules; I help him to abide by rules. Having rewarding system and setting pints in this system, helps kids to abide by the rules
He has some Social and emotional delays, like initiating communication with others. Dealing with frustration or coping with change. He is a spoiled kid. His parents works a lot and do not spend enough time with him. He lacks care, attention. It’s not only about getting the kid all what he needs like toys….etc. Kids really need their parents care, presence, love. He needs to feel important. The feeling of importance helps in his self-confidence. He can communicate with his colleagues in a better way Love is magic. whenever the kid feels loved ,you really can shape him and make major changes In his character, caring more ,show love ,speak one on ones a lot and let him understand that its fine to make mistakes and admit it ,as all humans make mistakes. Dealing with mistakes in a calm way, he will start to admit what he did.
Regarding violent action, I started speaking with him and asking is it right to deal with that action, he started thinking. He started to find different solutions to any conflict. He became less violent. Working with peers helps in eliminating the violent actions He blames others for his own wrong doing started speaking with him and analyzing the situation together so he started admitting it’s his doing not others.
Caring should be part of the curriculum. It really makes difference when the kid really feel the sincere care of his teacher, especially if he is lacking that at home. Responsible, and caring is a central element of social and emotional development. He Wants all of everything and find difficult to make choices. I did not offer excessive choices, but provided opportunities for making decisions. I let him do activities that are both interesting and short, It Can be engaging in one-on-ones.

I started to choose plays with morals and started to act them with the rest of our class. Each of them take a role. Taking on roles that encourage discipline and empathy. It makes great Emotional development, Understanding and expressing their feelings through the re-enactment of certain experiences .Imaginative play is a great way for children to relax and unwind from their busy lives. This helped my boy to mingle more with his colleagues and taught him morals in an interesting way.
I also started to make him feel trustworthy. I started putting faith into him, he is trustworthy enough to handle that opportunity. He really valued opportunities to prove that he is trustworthy.
He has some Cognitive speech delay, such as a lack of stimulation. Problem-solving. He is restless His concentration is not enough h to have an academic progress. He does not concentrate enough with teacher. He is always distracted. Sometimes, that’s why he is asked a lot of questions at subject to make sure he is not distracted. He needs activities that will make him apply logic, creativity. Activities that engage him in problem-solving, sorting, classifying, understanding and using information promote cognitive development. Telling stories and asking questions afterwards can also help him in his development.
All cognitive learning activities are geared towards pushing students to work through different problems and stimuli. The goal is to get them thinking and applying problem-solving strategies without the use of preparation or steps that lead to an answer.
I find it useful Connect the classroom to students’ lives, especially my case .and they can’t help but stay interested. Making the topic relatable is part of the journey to understanding. Make sure new information is both challenging, accessible, and relatable. For example, I created a classroom garden to explain a unit on the life cycle of plants.
Teaching English as a foreign language is a challenging, yet rewarding career choice. As an English as a Second Language teacher, you must learn to constantly adapt to your students’ needs. Many times, this means dealing with a variety of problems in the classroom, many of which are all too common occurrences.
Teachers can modify their methods and philosophies to accommodate students’ evolving needs, which can be influenced by everything from technological innovation to the economy. What works well for one classroom might not in the next one.
Students, as well as teachers, spend a majority of their time in classrooms and in school. The classroom should, therefore, be a stress-free environment where students and teachers feel comfortable spending so much time. It is essential to have a well-managed classroom to improve classroom efficiency and create an environment conducive to learning.
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