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“The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” takes place in the normal world, but one should take note that this real world is connected to a spiritual world. This poem examines the unconscious mind based on the fact that fantasy aspects are presented throughout the poem. It’s a place where real things communicate with unreal things. Knowing the previous information we see that the wedding guest and the Pilot are in the real world but the Mariner is imprisoned in between the two worlds.
When looking at the Ancient Mariner’s story, the spiritual and material worlds are in disarray one the sailors cross over the equator. The natural world then makes the sailors lose the sense of direction and the hurricane pushes them into a frozen world during the rest of the poem. From the mist arose an Albatross, and the sailors thought it was good luck or it was a soul that God sent to them. The Ancient Mariner guns the Albatross in order to show the sailors that the Albatross is not a soul that brings good luck. The Albatross is shackled to the spiritual world, and the Ancient Mariner’s faces punishment by the spiritual world.

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