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The prevent duty came about after the London 7/7 terrorism attack. The government were worried that young people becoming radicalized, because of a trend in British born individuals being involved in terror cells and groups. As a result the government made significant changes to government guidelines and introducing legislation specifically to tackle counter terrorism. Also to support professionals when working with young people to prevent them from being radicalized. Such as, preventing a young person to fall victim of extreme views and opinions that may influence the young person in joining terror factions, conducting terrorism and associated to terrorist groups. The prevent duty came about from the counter terrorism act 2015, which placed a specific duty on those working with young people to follow the prevent duty.
This meant people working in sectors involving children and young people, have a legal duty and obligation to act where a young person. Is being radicalized into extreme ideologies This is what the prevent duty is, to take measures to prevent a young person from being radicalized into acts of terror. It is important to remember when looking at the prevent duty. That there are more than one type of extremism and the prevent duty is concerns with all of them. As there are organized and promote right wing ideologies such as , neo- Nazi , violent hate groups , white supremacy and holocaust denial groups to name a few.
It is required that when noticing radicalization, it is our duty of care to safeguard that young person by understanding the risk of radicalization, no the signs of radicalization and refer the valuable young person to those who will be able to support them such as the police, YOT service and social worker. Although the children’s home can manage and support the young persons behaviors it is important to understand that the children’s home, may not have the right resources and capability to assist with the young person who have been identified as ‘radicalized’. Ultimately it is our duty of care to support the young person to be referred to right networks who are best suited in offering an intense program to counter act any extremisms. As children homes managers it I or duty to train our staff to know the signs of extreme ideologies that may lead our young people to acts of terrorism that put them at greater risk of them self’s and their communities at large at risk. We are obligated to act on this as it is our duty of care to provide the young person the best quality outcomes and positive life chances.

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