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The political decision making is called public choices. Public choice is basically a decision that has outcomes for the people and the whole society.
Whereas tools of economy get used to handle usual political problems, in public choices people get guided by their self-interests, its use of rational choice models distinguishes it from the mainstream and classical political economy.

So the public choice theory is around the different processes and incentives that operate when products and goods are being sought over political segment rather than through economic segment.
The main point in public choice is about the distribution of benefits and costs, thedistribution of political appropriationof goods is very attractive because it separates its costs and deliberates its benefits. Examples: International trade, government spending, taxes.
Public choices tends to study and analyze policies which gives people a better insights on verity ranges of economic rules, and the study of politics helps people to profit because economic consequences are associated with most polices.
Public choice delivers powerful and logical tools to analyze alternative political property institutions.

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The levels of public choices

1. The first level which the constitution is written and gets agreed by the founders of a country.
2. The second level, where people can impact the policies and the politicians.

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