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The personalisation agenda is make sure that all care work that take place within a health and social care setting is carried out to meet the individuals certain care needs. Personalisation is about providing the individuals with much more option and control over their lives, it means to assess the needs and aspirations of entire communities to ensure that individuals have full access to the right information, advice and advocacy to make appropriate and informed decisions regarding the support they need. The personalisation agenda 2008 defines personalisation as the method in which services are modified to the needs and preferences of citizens to empower citizens to shape their own lives and the services they receive.
Level 5 diploma in leadership for health and social care 2nd edition. Tina Tilmouth.

Therefore, the personalisation agenda which has replaced the previous “needs led approach” is a person centred approach which is implemented to meet and achieve outcomes of wellbeing and personal requirements. “The traditional service-led approach has often meant that people have not received the right help at the right time and have been unable to shape the kind of support they need. Personalisation is about giving people much more choice and control over their lives and goes well beyond simply giving personal budgets to people eligible for council funding. Personalisation means addressing the needs and aspirations of whole communities to ensure everyone has access to the right information, advice and advocacy to make good decisions about the support they need.”

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