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The person whom I admire in the family the most is my dad. His name is Ali and he is 60 years old. My dad and I have close connection which will not end forever. When we see each other’s eyes, we can understand our thoughts. What I remember in my early ages is that My dad used to hump me on his shoulders. Having carried me on his shoulders, he really felt a pain. Because I was a compassionate when I was child, I had to give up this habit. Although we don’t have so many memories with him, I really like being next to him. He is literally book-worm. Whenever he goes out, he buys a book which is written Arabic or ottoman Turkish. ?n addition, he doesn’t forget to buy book to me. He says that I will own these books one day and I will exploit my books as soon as I own them. What I bother most is that my father is becoming elderly man. Therefore, I savour every moment which I spend with him

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