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The Persian Wars previously called Greco Persian Wars, (492-449 BCE), is a series of wars fought by greek states and Persia over a period of almost half a century. Persian Wars was a defining moment in Greek history. The battle of Marathon was the most important battle in Greek history in 490 BCE, because it caused the Greeks to win and Athenians lost and eventually come under control of the Persians. After the Battle of Marathon they didnt attack Greece for ten years, but Darius son Xerxes became king, the Persians launched another expedition against Athens. Xerxes gathered together an army of several hundred thousand and a navy of six hundred ships in 481 BCE.

For Greece Athenians and Spartans insulted the Persians and vowed the resistance to the end. Greeks Athenian politician Themistocles had foreseen trouble many years ahead of time and had convinced the Athenians to begin a navy-building project. Because of him, Athens had a navy of over two hundred ships by the time of the great Persian invasion. The Battle of Thermopylae was lost by the Greeks and worked full time to evacuate Athens and its surrounding communities to nearby islands. They moved to an island of Salamis after the decision was made to give battle to the Persians at once.

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The famous naval Battle of Salamis ensued, during the Greeks won a dramatic and decisive victory over the much larger Persian navy. The Persian fleet was destroyed, and Xerxes returned to Persia. Spartan leadership realized the Persians had no intention of meeting them at their fortified location, and that that in order to drive the Persians from Greek soil, they would have to meet them in open battle. The Persians were defeated to end the Persian War. One popular outcome of the Persian War was the introduction of a new military method known as the Greek phalanx. Another major result of the Persian War was the creation of the Delian League which is an alliance of Greek city-states, led by Athens, to protect Greece from another Persian attack in the future.

Lastly of the outcome of the Persian War was after the defeat of the Persian Empire allowed Greek culture to continued to thrive and spread throughout the world. The history of Europe would be far different from what we know today.

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