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The ocean has many useful and important parts to it which helps us every day. The greatest thing about it is that there’s still things to find and invent that revolves around the ocean. The food we eat, the resources we use to make things with and the things in the environments we live off. There’s a lot of great things out there in the waters to find and know about.
Gases in the atmosphere like carbon, nitrogen, sulfur and oxygen are dissolved through the water cycle. The gases that are now crucial to all ecosystems and biological processes originally came from the inside layers of the earth during the period when the earth was first formed. The rate of flow for oxygen as well as other gases is controlled by biological processes, especially metabolism of organisms like prokaryotes and bacteria. Prokaryotes have been around since the beginning of the Earth, have evolved to be able to use chemical energy to create organic matter and are capable of both reducing and oxidizing inorganic compounds. Bacteria that can reduce inorganic compounds are anaerobic and those that oxidize inorganic compounds are aerobic. Aerobic bacteria release oxygen as a byproduct of photosynthesis. Phytoplankton account for possibly 90% of the world’s oxygen production because water covers about 70% of the Earth and phytoplankton are abundant in the photic zone of the surface layers. Some of the oxygen produced by phytoplankton is absorbed by the ocean, but most flows into the atmosphere where it becomes available for absorbed by the ocean, but most flows into the atmosphere where it becomes available for oxygen dependent life forms. The ocean has been fished for thousands of years and are an internal part of human society. Fish have been important to the world economy for all these years, starting with the Viking trade of cod and then continuing with fisheries like those found in Lofoten, Europe, Italy, Portugal, Spain and India. Fisheries of today provide about 16% of the total roads protein with higher percentages occurring in developing nations. Fisheries are still enormously important to the economy and well-being of communities. Fish are caught in a variety of ways, including one man testing, huge trawlers, seining, drift netting, hand lining, longlining, gillnetting and diving. The most common species making up the blower fish market on Herring, cod, anchovy, flounder, tuna, shrimp, mullet, squid, crab, salmon, Lobster, scallops and oysters. Mollusks and crustaceans are also widely sought. The fish that are Contour not always used for food. In fact, about 40% of fish are used for other purposes such as fish meal to feed fish growth in captivity. Four Element metals are the main compounds of value in manganese nodules and Cobalt crust: manganese, copper, nickel, and Cobalt. In addition, Cobalt crust contains Platinum Group metals and rare earth metals, and precious metals such as gold and silver or percentage in sulphides. Although the gross revenue is potentially high technology, legal and environmental problems are showing down the rise of a flourishing commercial industry. Metal compounds, gravel, sand and gas hydrates are also mined in the ocean. Mining of Manganese nodules containing nickel, copper, and Cobalt began in the 1960s and soon after it was discovered that Papua New Guinea was one of the few places where nachos were in shallow waters rather than deep waters. Although manganese nodules could be found in Shallow Waters in significant quantities, the expense of bringing two are up to the service provided to be expensive. Sand and gravel are often minded for in the United States and are used to protect beaches and reduce the effort of erosion. The ocean has many useful and important parts that help us every day. The greatest thing about it is that there’s still things to find and invent that revolve around the ocean. People take you for granted but those things will never know about it and will be so thankful for. From the gas in our cars to the windows in our houses and phones. There’s many great things about the ocean we don’t know of.

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