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The National Museum of Natural History is one of those buildings that completes our National Museum Complex in Manila which gives appreciation to our history. This museum enlightens each of one of us to explore and to be part of those who wants know the history. The new national museum will showcase the Philippines’ wide variety of flora and fauna, plus the preserve body of animals including the longest captivated crocodile “Lolong”. It will also exhibit the earth’s biosphere, mini-mangrove forest and beaches recreated and also the marine life exhibit.

The national museum itself attracts people not just to know the history but also to enjoy the knowledge and experience it will give to us. It’s neoclassical architecture design help us to achieve contentment inside the museum. It has an elevator in the center of the entrance hallway, called the Tree of Life. It is so very eye-catching as it feels like you are in a hotel as its canopy inspired ceiling which add up a natural light to the whole building.

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