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The movie Mean Girls showed a wide variety of gender roles and stereotypes of your “typical” adolescents. However, many of these gender roles were exaggerated. Throughout the movie some of the major gender stereotypes were: the dumb blonde, the mean girl, and the popular jock.
Gender roles are norms in society that sway the kind of behavior that is viewed as acceptable/appropriate based on someone’s actual gender. Mean Girls displayed typical female gender roles and stereotypes. For example, within the school’s clique, the female athletes are depicted as big and manly, which leads to the “dyke” or “butch” stereotype. Mean Girls did not have a wide range of gender identities/expressions other than male or female so the main focus was on gender stereotypes on gender roles and stereotypes. Mean Girls illustrates teenage girls as obsessed with gossip, appearance, boys, and status. Where you sit in the high school cafeteria and who you are seen with is vital and constantly reinforced throughout the movie.

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