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The microscope is the most useful and necessary tool for scientists in the laboratory. In our experiments, our aim was to use and understand the functions of a microscope properly. There are some concepts to understand the microscope.
First one is resolution. In a simple definition, resolution is a concept which allows us to differentiate two objects. For example, when two objects are very close to each other we cannot differentiate them with the naked eye, but microscope has a bigger resolution than a naked eye so that the microscope allows us to differentiate two different objects.
The second one is limit of resolution. It is the shortest distance between two objects that a microscope can show. If the distance between two objects is smaller than the limit of resolution, it cannot be separated with a microscope and it would be look like a whole object rather than different objects. Limit of resolution can be found by this formula: l.r = 0,61 ?/ N.A. (Abbe equation), thus limit of resolution does not depend on the characteristics of an objective lens, it depends on the light source.

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