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The local conflict I have studied was the expansion of the Heathrow airport, although the conflict itself ended in 2010 when it was legally resolved. However there are still effects that were created from the plans to expand Heathrow that have upset many different groups. In this essay I will discuss how the groups involved were either satisfied or dissatisfied with the outcome. There was a debate to whether or not the expansion at Heathrow was necessary. Here BAA (the airports directing company) pointed out that Heathrow was currently operating at 99.2% capacity utilization meaning that even small incidents would create major delays, such as the ability of Heathrow to cope in extreme winter conditions such as snow. But the Greater London Authority and Hillingdon council argued saying there were alternatives such as expanding Gatwick airport. Labor parliament also intervened stating the huge increase in passengers should be met by London’s most efficient and largest airport should be developed into the UK’s air hub. However, the conservative party suggested more alternatives such as improving rail infrastructure to allow extra capacity to spread to other airports such as Manchester.

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