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the history of artificial eyes started in the early 5th century by egyptians and romans were they made the first artificial eyes using painted clay . an iranian professor called mansour sayed found an evidence that shows the history of artificial eyes started before 500 BC , he found a buried artificial eyes it’s related to iranian women in 2900 BC . But all scientists agreed that the in 1510 a popular french surgeon called ambrose pare explained the importance of artificial eyes to fit eye socket . In the late 16th century glass blowers invented the first glass artificial eyes but the edges were sharp , in 17th century the center of glass artificial eyes was paris . After 17th century there were no recognizable improvement in artificial eyes until 19th century , in 1832 a german glass blower and also dolls eyes maker called muller uri developed a glass eye for his son after this in 1880 a german surgeon called herman shellen developed the design so it was thicker and has a rounded edges , so the center for eyes moved to germany , during the world war the glass eyes from germany was unavailable so united states had to find alternative material , in 1943 the first plastic artificial eye was made and they were unbreakable ,comfortable and malleable . But they werents able to fit individual eye socket , in 1960 lee allen developed and corrected this problem to fit individual eye socket . Nowadays scientists are developing and making alot of design to fit all people

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