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The five performance objectives of Quality, Speed, Dependability, Flexibility and Cost will have an impact and benefits on both internal and external customers of the hotel.Quality objective, which means doing things right can benefit external customers by delivering impeccable quality service to achieve service excellence.

Internally, staff can achieve satisfaction by providing error-free goods and services to give quality advantage to the external customers. With the minimization of blunders, time and cost of rectifying the mistakes are reduced effectively. Achieving high customer satisfaction will lead to the likelihood that the customer will return. Dependability also increases as it leads to a stable and efficient organization. It also enables high motivation, high morale, and great satisfaction of staff. Staff will have a sense of belonging and security for being part of the organization. All these will lead to efficient organization. Speed objective which means doing things right, can benefit external customers by giving them a speed advantage to receive the services in the shortest possible time with minimum delay.
Internally, it effectively minimizes the response time to deliver services to the customers which in turn reduce the labour cost and increasing the availability of services, allow speedy decision-making and speedy movement of materials and information inside the operation. It also reduces risks and inventories. Help to establish and maintain hotel’s image and reputation, reduce backlog since there won’t be much follow up. Reduce wastage of labour and can concentrate on providing good service to other guests.
Dependability objective, which means to do things on time and to deliver timely promises made to the customers. External customers can gain a dependability advantage should operations staff are able to succeed this objective.
Internally, it enables staff to win mutual trust and increases operational reliability of internal customers in delivering services thus saving time, money due to ineffective use of time. It can also achieve a high level of trust between departments and minimize disruptions. If all departments are dependable and everything in an operation is perfectly dependable and in the case of any emergency or disruptions, each department knows what to do and their roles and duties of how to overcome the situation where everything will be predictable with no “surprises”.
Flexibility objectives, with the ability to make changes to allow flexibility to vary and adapt the operations activities to cope with unforeseen circumstances. Externally, customers are able to enjoy the flexibility advantage to receive customised services according to their personal preferences should they have any.
Internally, it can speed up response time, save time wasted in changeover and maintain dependability. Flexibility in deployment of staff who is able to multi task during emergency or peak season as extra help can help to avoid work overload by hiring temporary staff. Staffs enjoy the benefit of empowerment to make speedy decisions in order to achieve efficiency so as to reduce seeking high authority approval which take ages.

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