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The first reason Texas almost failed as a Spanish colony is geographical problems. In “Document A”, the map shows that the Gulf of Mexico had shallow waters and no ports. This made it impossible for ships to trade there. With no ports there, the ships could not import or export supplies. The vast distance was a factoring agent in their failure. In “Document A”, the map shows that there was a large desert which has very little water, and Apaches live further North of the desert. It is difficult to travel across the large expanse of land, obtain water during the journey, and stay clear of the Native American Tribes. These geographical obstacles made it quite hard for the missions to obtain supplies, decreasing the chances of the colonization to be successful.

The second reason Texas almost failed as a Spanish colony is Spain’s failure to establish strong missions. “Document C” states that there were only two soldiers and their families at the missions. With very little people at the missions, the people can easily fall ill, and the mission will no longer exist. “Document C” states that little to none of the Indians were converted to Christianity, there were barely any Indians at the missions at all. The Indians did not want to become Spanish citizens or change religion. The weakness of the missions made it very hard for Texas to be successful as a Spanish Colony.

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The third reason Texas almost failed as a Spanish colony is the hostility of the Native Americans. “Document D” states that

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