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The first reason PMBOK is valuable is that it allows companies to standardize practices across departments. This means that the people in development manage projects in the same manner as those in distribution.

Second, PMBOK can help project managers to work with a standardized system across companies. Someone working for company x who then moves onto company y can use the same practices.

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Third, PMBOK discusses what works. The methods documented within the project management community is useful for those who are not sure on what action to take in the risk managment. PMBOK also discusses what doesn’t work properly in the project, which helps in preventing the possible failure.

PMBOK has been used as the standard by which PMP Certification is gained. PMP Certification is given based on a survey of many companies best practices.The benefets of using PMP Certified Project Managers and Team members is that resources have been trained already . PMBOK is good for both companies and employees.

Finally, project managers who are familiar with PMBOK standards can customised their project management process to fit their company’s needs in a the best way.There’s an old saying, “To break the rules, first you have to know the rules.” When project managers spend time on learning the rules, they also are investing this time in learning how and where rules can be broken. which decrease the reason to outsource.

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