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The features of creating Dashboard in excel is making sure the data is always current because data is the most important feature of the Dashboard. There are multiple features that help business keep of track of their data while using Dashboard. One of those features are the Excel Tables which is used to create the dashboard. With tables, you can add or remove data, set up structural references, connect them to external sources (Learn Top 10 Excel Features, 2018).There are multiple ways data is put in the excel table by using different sources, which make the data possible to update. Once you have created a table and name it should refer you to the data you keep track of it. Sparkline is a feature that can also us in your excel table. Sparkline are kept over time that is used as a chart placed in a single cell. Conditional Formatting is important feature that keeps the data organized. This feature define the tables by using color and data bars, but allows you to create your own rules. Excel Power PivotTables and Power Pivot Charts are helpful to summarize data from multiple resources, by building a memory optimized Data Model in the workbook (Excel Dashboards Excel Features to Create Dashboards, n.d.). There are many features but here are the most common that are used in dashboard.

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