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The episode brings up ideas of internet safety and to not believe everything at first sight. The Black Mirror episode Shut Up and Dance is about a teenage boy, Kenny, who’s computer and phone are hacked to record a video of him sexually pleasing himself to use as leverage to get him to do as the hacker wishes. The hacker orders Kenny to commit a series of crimes for him otherwise he would leak the video to everyone in his contacts. I feel as though everyone can relate to both of these ideas since nowadays everyone has a computer or a cell phone always on them to keep them connected to the internet, and lots of people can be manipulated by what they see on it.

The primary thought that the scene raises is internet safety. As recently expressed, Kenny’s PC and cellphone were hacked, and he was being watched the whole scene through his webcam, as well as his cellphone’s GPS and contacts as well. The hackers had Kenny totally under reconnaissance, he was not the only one regardless of where he went. This is an alarming idea to realise that in the event that we aren’t watchful about what we do on the web, this could transpire. They could get individual data from you, similar to Visa card number, passwords or your contacts just to give some examples. Or then again they could stay quiet. Simply observe all that you do on your device, access your cellphone’s camera to perceive what you’re doing or where you are, and you wouldn’t have the capacity to tell that they were watching you. This is something everybody who claims a device should know about. Free wi-fi is one of the simplest ways individuals can access your devices, and individuals simply interface with it like it’s no major ordeal.

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Another thought this scene raises is the possibility that you shouldn’t think all that you hear or see at first sight. All through the sum of the scene, we are persuaded that Kenny is a hero, simply battling to ensure his hidden facts, however, it is uncovered to the group of onlookers in the last plot that he is a pedophile. Another precedent is the hacker. Kenny is informed that on the off chance that he does as he says, the video won’t get released. After the hacker is finished with Kenny, he releases the video at any time. Kenny was deceived and controlled into doing what the hacker said to no end. I surmise this is an exercise that everybody needs to see within the near future. It could enable them to pick who they think their most valuable data to all the more precisely, it may influence them to do some investigation into what they are purchasing or putting their time into since it may not be what they are persuaded it is.

In conclusion, the Black Mirror scene Shut Up and Dance is an edifying watch to perceive what could transpire on the off chance that they didn’t pursue the fundamental internet safety and was effortlessly controlled with the goal that the viewer may consider those issues more important and apply it to their own life.

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