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Sun Tzu lays out the principles for a military commander needed to successfully win a war: wisdom, sincerity, humanity, courage, and strictness. (Tzu, 1963, p. 65) Commander Washington’s selection by the Congress to be the leader of the Continental Army would be in alignment according to Sun Tzu. Washington would exemplify the five traits as described by Sun Tzu during his time as the commander of the continental Army, Washington understood the need for public, political, and military support. He would care for his troops and their families with his own money and was respected not just by the rank and file, but also by people in all parts of the colonies. Even with an attempt by members of congress to replace Washington with Gates, he held too much support from many in Congress and the Army, as George Washington proved his Character in his career and would be needed through what would be a protracted war. (The American Revolution, 2011, pp. 1-51)

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