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The cold war was fought between the US and the USSR where they didn’t have any direct contact against each other. The two nations never directly went to war instead they had others fight for them. The two nations sent many other important countries to fight for them such as Korea, Vietnam, Germany, and many other countries. The chosen countries were expected to beat the opposing nation in whatever they were chosen for. The US and the USSR had a space race and an arm race where the two challenged each other to achieve a goal. The two never fought directly but instead had others chosen to reach space and others for the nuclear weapon creations. People, nations, and many regions of the world were impacted by the cold war where they weren’t able to live their lives peacefully like they should.

A lot of people felt uncomfortable with the Berlin wall because of the separation of their country. Many would get tired of living under communism and would try to get to the west side of Berlin where they would be shot if attempted to trespass.
The countries chosen by the US and USSR were impacted heavily by this cold war. We can take Korea as an example. Korea was split because of the dismantle of Japan where then Korea was felt victim and split to two separate nations now known as North Korea and South Korea.
The soviet union kept creating tension with the US by sending a satellite to space. This wa a way to taunt the US and say “we’re better, we have a satellite in space.”

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Communism life wasn’t always easy for many. A lot of people living under the communist ruling were unhappy and wanted to be able to self determine their country. People living in East Berlin were constantly trying to cross the Berlin wall to go to East Berlin which is where the US, France, and Britain sectored a living in a democratic life with self determination.
In the documents it states, “most people who tried to cross the wall were shot,” which shows the impact it had on people’s lives. It especially impacted them when they didn’t like the communist ruling. The quote helps support the idea that the people were desperate to leave so they decided to cross from East Berlin to West Berlin with the feeling and thought of “I might get shot today.”

Countries that were involved in the proxy war were heavily impacted especially the country of Korea. Korea was caught in the Cold War after the Japanese dismantle.

According to my prior knowledge of this topic the country Korea was split into two different countries which are now known as North Korea and South Korea. These two countries were split because of the tension created between the country caused by the proxy wars.
The map on Document 5 helps support that the split that country agreed to which helps to understand the tension in the country of Korea.

The two countries created tension between each other. The space race and the arm race were two things the US and the USSR were fighting over. The USSR sent a satellite to space where it sent a message to the US that the Soviet Union was smarter and in a way better. The US responded with a trip to space where they showed the Soviet Union that in fact the US was better. They kept creating tension throughout the Cold War which lead into them having conflict. The arm race was done to challenge each other in the first to create a nuclear weapon.

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