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The article ” Saudis Expand Sway in Region as Others Falter” is talks about different things that led to the development of the uprising of the Saudi government in as well as acknowledging existing challenges to prevent the wave of the spring in the country. In the article the United states was discussed and how the United States helped with the development of the Arab Spring and the involvement with Iraq, Palestine, and Syria helped with emphasizing the need for democracy in the Arab countries . The article highlights on how the Saudi monarchy continues to support the Tunis and Iran Egyptian governments financially and remains committed to the development of stability in the region. Like for example the Saudi helped with providing funds to help keep maintain the government and keep everything stable by providing the security first political faction to remove the Islamist party from the power.( Kirkpatrick, 1) With removing power and resources from other government parties help the Saudi Government look more powerful than any other government according to David Kirkpatrick.

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