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The American School Lunch Crisis
The growth rate of child obesity in America is alarmingly high. Likewise, the quantity of food and federal funding that is wasted is just as alarming. In an attempt to decrease the rate of child obesity, Congress provided recommended standards and federal funding in order to make school lunches healthier. Now, children across America are forced to get either a fruit or a vegetable, even if they do not want it. As a result, an extreme quantity of fruits and vegetables are being wasted. Not only is the food being wasted, but so is the federal funding that is provided to buy the healthier food. Catherine Rampell, an opinion columnist for The Washington Post wrote the article, “School Lunches? Let them eat cake”, which was written to inform the general public of the growing child obesity rate, Congress’s involvement, and the many reasons why children should not have control over their diet. Throughout the article Rampell argues that rolling back the health standards would be very bad for the children in the United States, and they should not have a choice when it comes to their diet. The statistics Rampell provided gave more reasons on why we do not need these health standards, instead of why we do. Despite the use of logos, ethos, and pathos throughout the article, her choices in quotations and statistics made her argument futile.

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