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The advantage of driverless cars, it will increase safety on the road. The most of car crashed are caused by human mistake relate with bad driving behaviour, drunk driving and changing the line without give indicator. Self-driving car it be helpful to reduce accidents on the road by reduce speeding and other element that conduct to accident. Every self-driving car, there is a system that can scan all round a particular thing such as construction sign board, traffic light, person on foot and also other car. Certain people are able to journey overnight and sleep for the duration without having any stress by using the self-driving cars.

Another advantage of driverless car is to take care the environmental satisfaction. Driverless car are useless content of gas and power when it is driving on the road, contrast with human who are driving. According to researcher, the most gas will be burn when driving at high speed and braking at dangerous situation. By using the driverless car it will be help to cut these factor out and also less air pollution. Other than that, the driverless car would help to save time for the people. One car can send the kids to school, parents to the working place and pick up again when the time end.
On the other hand, the disadvantage of driverless car is the cost of technology. The minimum range of the price will be cost $90000.00 because of the quantity of technology and software that is required to build driverless car. This driverless car is suitable for rich people only who have the capable money to buy the car and maintain. The difficulty of understanding people behaviour. There is having some problem with human behaviour such as hand signals to understand for the computer and also the changing of the road system.

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