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Technological revolutions and inventions have provided the world with various inventions for various purposes. Communication is now have been greatly upgraded that now it make it easier to communicate with a person with a thousands of miles apart. Invention of fastened telephone in nineteenth century was no more a surprise in twenty first century when human brain invented portable mobile phone. This communicative technology has experienced an incredible growth. These technology is mostly experimented by teenagers. Teenagers are the most vivid users of this technology. Teenagers that are still studying are the highest users of technology and are typically early adopters of new technologies, including internet, mobile phones, social media and other devices. They are born into the age of technology compared to previous generations who learnt to use it after they were older. Thus, it is also younger generations who have develop an addiction towards mobile phones and because of it they are facing my problems with it. A lot of time is spent on all these forms of technology and it is now increasingly integrated into student’s lives. Each and every invention has brought comforts additionally as some threatening effects with it. Same is in the case with mobile phone technology. Mobile phones is a medium that allow students to communicate with others without parental and teachers’ observance. By this means that the disadvantages of mobile phones is outweighing the advantages in many aspects. The disadvantages of mobile phones include reduce the quality of family time, children are adapted with having their own a mobile phone from such a young age, distraction from works and responsibilities and expose the children directly to the danger from the web.

Furthermore, mobile phones reduce the quality of family time. Family life is complex and requires continual efforts by family members to stay connected and aware of each other’s activities and needs.Aware or not, a quality family time is almost very hard to be achieved with the existence of mobile phones among the family. Most of the family members used their mobile devices at home when in the presence of other family members, and this may affect their relationship with the others. Handheld mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets can be easily moved around the home and other places. Mobile phones also frequently mediate people’s domestic leisure or downtime. This is because, the parents and also their children spend less time with their family as they spend most of their time on their phones. Most of parents are aware of this situation and set the rule of, ‘No mobile phones are allowed during dinner time’ but the rules aren’t really to tame the kids. One of the main reason why they cant get their hands off their phones is because they are very addicted to their phone. Mobile phones are very addictive. It can get us going around and scrolling our phone for hours but not getting tired of it. We are also unaware of how many hours have we spent, just for mobile phones on our daily life. Plus, another reason for this rule to not working is because the parents are showing the opposite of their words. Some parents often used mobile devices including smartphones and tablets when eating lunch at a restaurant with children present. Their children noticed such usage and sometimes would start to misbehave as a way of their parent’s action. Parents who were ‘absorbed’ or in other word, addicted in their device typically had poor social interactions with their children. Excessive mobile phone usage among parents is the main cause of the parents to take longer time to respond to the children that are in need of attention. Some parents set the rule for their children but in the other hands, they be using their phones in front of their children during dinner time or in front of their kids. The parents is the reflection to their kids. They should not be expecting their children to be doing the right thing when they, themselves is not doing the right thing in front of their kids. The kids always follows their parents, and also there’s some of the children have their parents as their role model. When the parents are very much likely to be engaged with their mobile phones most of the time, the other family members will be feeling some sort of socially disconnected from those around them. This will leave them being frustrated or bothered by the way in which other family members used their mobile devices in front of them. Overused of mobile phones within the family members will left the others to feel excluded or ignored as they are trying to talk with the others while he or she was on a mobile phone and some are being ignored or having to call the person’s name several times to get his or her attention. This is the situation that can destroy the family bond, just because of mobile phones.

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Moreover, children are adapted with having their own a mobile phone from such a young age. parents be giving mobile phones to children, even from such a young age. We often come across with parents that is very thoughtful of their youngsters and bought a new mobile phone for them as a gift for their good grades at school or simply because it is their birthday month. Parents buying mobile phone for their kids is a growing trend nowadays, and kids grew addicted to mobile phones.. Children around the age of 4 years old up to 6 years old should not be exposed to using mobile phone acts but sadly, that is a bit of situation that has been happening in a vast area of the world. Not to mention, most parents are using the mobile phones trick on their youngsters where they give mobile phones to their babies and toddlers just to stop them from crying or to keep them sit still in one place without them crawling and going anywhere around the house. This is so the parents can get their hands to do house chores or continue their works at home. This is not a very good idea and is very unhealthy to the motor and cognitive development of the babies and toddlers. Kids around that age are undergoing a rapid growth and letting them crawl or walk around the house and playing with their toys are the activities that help to increase their brain cell to be connected and improve their cognitive and motor development. Instead, when the parents are giving mobile phones to their kids just for them to watch some sort of cartoons is not really giving a boost on their development. Babies and toddlers should be playing with toys, not mobile phones. Letting them crawl or walk and play with their toys gives a rapid increase in gross and fine motor skills with subsequent increases in independence, exploration of the environment, and language skills. They also learn to gain full control over their physical movement and also
acquire fine motor and manipulative skills such as like reaching out and grabbing objects, then mastering the fine pincer grasp. Meanwhile, the children’s cognitive development is enhanced by watching, listening, touching, tasting and smelling in the course of playing and experimenting. Letting the kids to play with their toys is a very important act to help the development of the children, so giving mobile phones to babies, toddlers and also preschoolers is a big no. Once they get addicted, it will affect their health and body development. This will also cause the children to have problem with their eye sights. This is because they spent too much time looking at the phone screen in the dark and it can strain they eyes as the light from the phone screen can affect their eye sight and cause problem such as having shortsightedness or farsightedness at such a young age. Children that are over stimulated by the screens of the mobile phones may be losing out on in-person social skills with the people around them as a result. Most children and even babies notice when their parents are using devices and are distracted by it. This reduces the necessary physical and emotional connections that children need for cognitive and social development for their growth.
Besides that, mobile phones is a distraction from works and responsibilities. Parents and also children that own a mobile phones such as smartphones or tablets are more prone to be distracted by it while they are doing work or doing homeworks. Mobile phone distract their focus on a very important things that they should be doing, but instead they linger on their mobile phones for hours and more than they should. The student’s biggest temptation is mobile phones. They just cant get their hands off their phones and this can affect their focus, studies and grades. When the student owns a mobile phones such as smartphones, they tend to spend most of their time with their phone because of the world wide web. Mobile phone is addictive. Mobile phone is a device that get us into a medium which can connect us to the whole world, just in one click. New informations, great videos and social medias are the most reason why the students are addicted to mobile phones. They spend most of their time scrolling all the social medias they own and they tend to procrastinate upon their responsibilities as students. Unfinished assignments and homeworks and not revising a new chapter for the next class are what’s happening when they are very engaged with their mobile phones. Plus, overused of mobile phone affect their grades in school and college because they simply don’t have time to push themselves to study more than be using their phone in a more longer time. Some students approximately spent 2 hours revising or doing their homeworks and assignments, but also be spending double of their study time on mobile phones. Some of the students cant even suppress the urge to not holding their mobile phones for their study time, and this act will affect their study time quality and thus, affect their school performance. Not to mention, many students are also be using their mobile phones during their class or lecture time. They would be using their phone to send a text to a friend and it is a tempting diversion that many students select over listening to a lecture or completing a class assignment. Some of them might not have their phone silenced and as a result, their mobile phones can ring during class, drawing everyone’s attention away from the lesson and disrupting the flow of learning. This act is a disrespect to the teachers or lecturers that is teaching and for other students that may really want to learn during the class. Many teachers are also worry that this added distraction negatively impacts students’ school performance because it is indeed stops them from dedicating their full focus and attention to their studies.

Last but not least, having mobile phone expose the children directly to the danger from the web. Mobile phones connect the children or students to a medium that may bring danger or threaten the security and privacy of the children. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so many more is a must for people nowadays. It is a social platform that can help us to interact with our friends, family and other people from the other country or from the other side of the world. As much as it seems to bring connectivity easily to us and is beneficial to gain new friends, children and students are also more easily to be approached by people that may have bad intention to them. The internet is beneficial in many ways, but today it is also used for heinous crimes such as the sexual exploitation of children or students. This type of abuse can take almost as many forms as in the physical world: ranging from producing, storing and trading child pornography to seeking paid or unpaid sex online or offline once onscreen contact has been established. Plus, children be having social media at such a young age which is considered to be a fragile age where they are more prone on trying to be friend with other people through social medias and and more exposed to the pedophiles out there that is trying to get in touch with them. Some of the real life cases are mostly started with the children and students having social medias and start to befriend with the people they met online. There is a significant amount of increasing cases of pedophilic adults trying to do harm to kids and it started them having a medium to get reach with those innocent kids through social medias which also caused by kids having mobile phone at such a young age. Online predators will focus on those who are vulnerable. Social networking sites are designed to share personal information, providing a way for online offenders to ‘target’ those who make themselves vulnerable, for example, by not having privacy settings in place. Young people are naturally curious and will engage in online discussions about things that they would not openly discuss in the real world. Children and students may make poor decisions about allowing people into their online lives, believing that those who are ‘nice’ online will be the same in the real world. Teenagers are particularly at risk because they often use their mobile phones unsupervised and are more likely than younger children to seek out and participate in online discussions about sexual activity.

In the final analysis, the increasing usage of mobile phones has been affecting lives in many ways. As much as the advantages of mobile phones usage help parents, students and children to get in track with technologies, the disadvantage of mobile phones is outweighing the advantages. Once they got addicted to it, getting their hands off their phones is not a very easy task. Smartphones and mobile devices became an integral part of the most people live. Mobile phones have become so thoroughly indispensable that life may be unimaginable without them. Some of these people would feel affected indicate that their daily lives could not ‘proceed as normal’ if they were without their mobile phones. It affects family time in such a way of decreasing the family bonds and quality time together. For this reason, parents and children need to learn on how to control and manage their time with their mobile phones so they still can get the quality time with their family without making other family members to feel excluded or left out. Parents that can manage their time with their mobile phones can have a balance life between their working time and family time. The usage of mobile phones from such a young age is not advisable and should be reduced. As a parents, it is their responsibilities to monitor their kids from spending too much time with their phones to avoid addiction and exposing them to the danger that might come from having mobile phones. After all, the children follows the steps of their parents. A good parenting can shape their children to be a batter person in the future. Although mobile phones bring disadvantages to parents and their children, but mobile phones do bring benefits to those that are using them wisely. The phone is one of the greatest inventions of human beings. After all, having mobile

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