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Teaching and learning go hand in hand. I know that as a someone who will care for children, I cannot have one without the other. It is my responsibility that I cater to each individual child in a developmentally appropriate manner. I should also be able to be unbiased to each child and parent in any situation. This means that I must have many ways to work with different cultures, personal preferences, and attitudes I encounter daily. In this way, I must have knowledge about effective approaches, strategies, and tools that can be implemented in a positive and successful way that will have an impact on the child.
I know that children learn best when they are in a safe environment with responsive, caring adults. They must also form relationships with their peers and develop the social-emotional skills needed to be able to engage in academic pursuits. Once they have such an environment; teachers must carefully plan experiences, guide and support children to explore/discover. The way a child becomes, reflects how they were raised. So, if a child is understood and treated with respect there is a high possibility of that child becoming an understanding adult. Making the cycle of adults that care and children who reflect them.
All children are interested in different things and learn in different ways. It is my responsibility to get to know my students and form deep and meaningful relationships with them and their families. So that I can properly plan experiences that are suitable for their needs and interests. I must maintain developmentally appropriate expectations and provide each child with the right mix of challenge and support. In partnership with families, I can ensure that these goals are being met.
With all that I have said so far, I believe I have met the requirement of understanding positive relationships and supportive interactions as the foundations for working with children. The statement that children are our future comes to mind and the way we handle there beginning will determine their future and ours.

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