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SWOT Analysis on Dell Inc.

Dell is believed to be the largest PC maker in the world, drawing millions of consumers in all states to buy their merchandise.
Dell has a great operational excellence in the sense that they are well known for their custom made computers.

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Dell Inc. directly deal with their customers, and do not use any other medium, i.e. distributors.
Dell has been a well-known computer brand providing computers to both mediocre and minor businesses for over 10 years.
Dell Inc. is not the only PC maker in the market. Its competitors can be reflected as one of its weaknesses.

Dell is said to have weak business relationships with many computer vendors.

Dell Inc. only shape the PCs, they do not develop them.

Huge amount of supply orders might cause them to make errors.

The introduction of more innovative products, ensuing the technological advancement.
Their products have a huge assortment in them. They also have other electronic items, other than computers which can create markets from them in a whole new level.

Dell is assumed to be imprinting their lesser priced PCs that are traded all over the world.
They have been growing their internet marketing foundations, in order to gain a great portion of the internet market bases.

There are many new brands in the market, which are getting increasingly popular.
Unlike Dell, other competing companies may have improved associations with computer vendors.

Certain countries may have trade barriers or high custom charges.

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