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1. it is clear from the explanation that the company has been a vertical organization so far. so far there are units that are managed by mangers who would like to continue to maintain the reporting structure and power. should a formal project management office be put in place they are clearly afraid to lose power and control over their reports. the executive teams is not very far sighted. for the company to continue to be profitable in a competitive environment they need to adopt and change and accept the importance of project management and recognize their structure to adapt to accommodate the EPM system.

Truly, PMO can quicken the usage procedure and is responsible for mobilization and execution process. The PMO is the incitation for the business and its development. The PMO is included various experienced project managers that are required to take lead in the development procedure. The PMO builds up the guidelines and an expansive structure for all groups and undertaking directors. The PMO ought to have clear tools and procedures that assistance spare time and guarantee the correct exercises are being performed. The execution procedure is attempted to make quicker which is guaranteed by every one of the procedures, layouts, controls and capacities. If thought about a case, rather than the project manager and group spending time choosing what instruments and procedures they need and after that designing the formats, and so on if PMO has these characterized and prepared to be utilized then it will spare a great deal of time in the project and thus helps in quickening its advancement procedure. The PMO ought to characterize a strong structure that helps project managers in legitimate administration and explore the frameworks which thus quicken challenges in the undertaking. This will help in achieving the determination significantly speedier which will eventually help project managers to rapidly stall out.

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3. Project management office can report to any of his chief office because to improve the skills, abilities of his experience to make the project fast to learn more information from his higher officials. He always should message to the Organizer about the status of the project. He must contact higher officials for the needs and the requirements for the team. He always should be planned about the budget of the project. If he is managing more than one project must be planned and to be prepared the time sheet of all the scheduled projects. Portfolio should also to be maintained and to be reported always to the higher officials. He should maintain a good relationship with all the employees he has to recognize the talents. He always should report to the higher authorities about the upcoming changes in the project and made them to set according to that in their required tasks. Has always to be looked about the resources required for the new projects.
4. Good project management does not usually have more than six gates because having too many gates will force the team to focus on preparing for the gate reviews rather than on the actual management of the project. it would prove to be waste of time.

5. It is best to design an EPM system around flexible elements that are based on guidelines and recommendations. even though project management is informal it does have some degree of formality. classically, projects are managed with minimum amount of paperwork and procedures of formal management are replaced by forms, checklists and templates.

6. absolutely an EPM system should have the capability of capturing best practices. in todays world project management is one of the key activities of our business. in fact, we are managing our business by projects. project managers are making project decisions as well as business decisions. therefore an EPM system must capture not only project related best practices and business best practices as well. this gets placed in a project management best practices library and works towards building a knowledge repository that includes both project management and business related best practices.

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